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RcppArmadillo Test Notes – A Step-by-Step Tutorial to Create Your Own R Package Based on RcppArmadillo

Test environment: R version 3.2.2 Rtools 33 Windows 7 64-bit 1. Install the packages “Rcpp”, “RcppArmadillo” and “inline” for R. 2. Download and install Rtools at, which is needed for building packages for R under Microsoft Windows. When installing, … Continue reading

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.m Function to .oct File – Syntax Translation Table

One of the things Octave is superior to Matlab is Octave’s C++ code interface – Oct-Files. With Oct-Files, you can use a similar syntax in C++ as in the m language, which is much more convenient than the Matlab’s .mex … Continue reading

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Blender for Data Visualization – Updated Code for Blender 2.6

Finally I updated the data visualization code from Blender 2.49 to Blender 2.6. You can find the updated Python source code here: The Blender Python APIs changed a lot since Blender 2.5, but the biggest problem is lack of … Continue reading

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Blender for Data Visualization Part 2 – Render Output as Vector Graphics

In my last post, I showed you the basics to use Blender and Python for data visualization. Python is a powerful language which is very suitable for (large) data set processing, we may further explore it later. Blender is one … Continue reading

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Central Limit Theorem, Normal Distribution and Entropy

A simple form of The Central Limit Theorem: For identically independent distributed random vectors ; let . If , . When I first learn the central limit theorem, I’m always curious why the sum of a large number of random … Continue reading

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Blender for Data Visualization

There are many tools and languages for visualizing data, such as R (1 , 2, 3), Processing, Flash (1, 2, 3). And the powerful open source 3D editor Blender is of course one of them. The advantage of using Blender … Continue reading

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Using SDL and OpenGL in R

SDL(Simple DirectMedia Layer) is “A cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide fast access to the graphics framebuffer and audio device”. OpenGL is “The Industry Standard for High Performance Graphics”. With rdyncall package, which¬†provides “a cross-platform framework for dynamic binding of … Continue reading

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